Well I made it! I got through the first week of teaching. I was quite nervous and overwhelmed prior to starting this new journey. There is a lot to know and it is a huge curve up. I am teaching Kindergarten every other day as well as grade five math and student support teacher. The part that I am most nervous about is the student support aspect. This is all new to me and I hope that I am able to pick up on the responsibilities quick! So far I have had two student support days and one kindergarten day. There are eleven students in kindergarten and ten students in my grade five math. This is a nice and small group and a great way to start my teaching career. On the first day back I was introduced at the school assembly. Since then, many students have said hello when I pass by them in the hallway which is a great welcoming feeling. The staff is already bugging me to spend more time in the staff room but I have been so busy that it’s hard to get there. By the end of this school year I am sure I will have learned a lot. One of my personal goals will be to try and make grade five math a little more fun for the students. When I talked with the students a lot of them had negative feelings towards math. When I was going to school I did not like math either so I hope to learn from that experience and see if I can make it better for them. I always welcome any tips and resources so bring them on!