On Friday I had a document camera hooked up in my Kindergarten classroom. I haven’t had much experience using these however I used to have a math teacher who used one. Yesterday I used it for the first time with my Kindergarten’s and they loved it! They thought it was really cool that you could put your hand under the camera and it would show up on the SMART board. I used it to read a book to the students. I really liked using it for this because I didn’t have to worry about some students not being able to see the pictures. In the future I hope to use it for some demonstrations in other subjects so that the students can follow along.
I was trying to explain the concept of volume to the grade 5’s and I was having trouble drawing the three dimensional cubes on the board. There isn’t a smartboard in the math room so I was unable to use the document camera. On Monday however I plan to have the grade 5’s come into the Kindergarten room so that I can show them the document camera and use it to explain how to calculate volume since my drawing skills aren’t the best! Hope they enjoy it as much as my Kindergarten’s did. 🙂 Yay technology!