Hello World!

My name is Bethany Wagner and I am originally from Yorkton, SK and am currently doing my internship here at home! I am in my fourth and final semester in the Faculty of Education and will be graduating at Christmas!! I come from a fairly small family and am very close with all of them. I have a great passion for education and interacting with children. I was not accepted into education the first time I applied but continued to follow my dreams until I was accepted the second time. I have had some experience working with students in the classroom and have also spent the past three summers doing programs for kids in various small communities around my hometown. I have also completed my pre-internship in Regina in a grade 1/2 classroom. I love how creative children can be and do not have a worry in the world.  I feel it is very important to incorporate technology into the classroom as it is found everywhere you go. As I continue in my life long education I look forward to learning new tools I can use in the classroom to further engage my students and co-workers. I find educational blogs and fellow individuals involved in education on twitter very beneficial as I am able to learn about new tools or websites I can later incorporate in my future classroom. As I go through the world of technology I will welcome it with open arms rather then resisting the power technology has to enhance our daily lives.