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Last week of three week block

Wow, time has flown by. Tomorrow is my last day of my three week block. Before I had started my three week block of teaching full time I thought that it would go by slowly and that it would be very difficult to plan for that long. Looking back at my three week block it seems like it went by in a week. I found that it was fairly easy to plan activities from day to day. I also realized that the scheduled plan continues to change as things come up. On Wednesday the principal of the school came to observe my teaching for about an hour. He was late coming because he got tied up with a meeting. Due to this I had to change my plans a little bit however I thought it went over quite well. I had students fill in the blanks to a story using all of their spelling words as well as a math lesson on the number 17. I received a lot of good feedback from the principal which was a great reassurance that I am on the right track. Yesterday I brought some of my paintings to show the students. They all really enjoyed the paintings and were excited to paint a picture of their own. This morning the students continued to ask when we would be painting. In the afternoon they had the opportunity to paint on a canvas. They all turned out beautiful and some of them even added sparkles. Stay tuned for some pictures of wonderful masterpieces!


We Remember

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Peace is…

Yesterday the students decorated a poppy boarder for Remembrance Day using their finger prints. The students then brainstormed some ideas of what peace is. They were then given a piece of paper entitled Peace is. Please feel free to check out their great work on our class blog!

I survived Halloween week! Halloween wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the afternoon we had a classroom party where we took part in a parade, a mummy wrap, and made goblin goo!! The students had a lot of fun and ate lots of treats. I thought that the students would be a lot more hyper than they were during the week. We had sent a note home before hand letting parents know that they are only allowed to send one candy with their child for lunch dessert. By the end of the week I had forgotten that Monday was Halloween so I guess that’s a good thing. This week I had the students work on before and after in math. I think that the students could still use some practice as some students are still mixed up especially with the word less. In health I started talking about different types of relationships. The students had an opportunity to show off their acting acting skills. I provided the students with a scenario and then had them act it out as I recorded it. On Tuesday we will be able to watch our scenario videos and talk about them. After Halloween I started a peace unit and talked with the students what peace is. Today we made peace is posters for the hallway so stay tuned for pictures!

Halloween Fun!

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Teaching Full Time

On Thursday and Friday I was teaching full time because my cooperating teacher was sick. I was not supposed to start my three week block until Monday however I got a head start! This worked out well because there are two days within the three week block where there isn’t school. I was a little nervous to start and the first morning wasn’t a lot of fun because the students had to catch up on a lot of spelling. When I went home the first day I had a little bit of a head ache but I thought that the day went well as a whole. In math we were working on a problem involving pumpkins and making 12 in many different ways. We only had half an hour to work on this math problem so the students were not able to finish. In the afternoon I took the students down to the music room so that they could practice a song with the boomwhackers and do the Cha Cha Slide. I told them that we will be performing these two things to our pen pals in Texas over Skype! They were all very excited and eager to find out what their buddy looked like.

On Friday I got the students to finish up their work they had started in their phonics books as well as the math problem. While we were making a t-chart I had the students come up to the smart board and write one way to make twelve. I reminded them a few times to be respectful and listen when others are sharing. There were a few who were still not concentrating on math but rather talking with their friends. I had all of the students sit back down in their desk and talked to them about why it is important to listen when others are sharing. Once they came back to the smart board they seemed to listen much better. In the afternoon I turned on Skype so that we could talk with our pen pals in Texas. All of the students from both classes first did the Cha Cha Slide together and then they had the opportunity to introduce themselves. The web camera quality wasn’t the best but they got an idea of what they looked like. Our class then played the students a song on the boomwhackers and their pen pals had to guess. They got it right! It was twinkle twinkle little star.

I will officially be starting my three week block on Halloween! Wish me luck and stay tuned for what the grade ones are up to!

Math, Math, Math

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Look at us Learn!

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Last Friday I took my students on a field trip to the Ecological Ravine. My cooperating teacher as well as one parent walked with us as we went on a nature walk. Along the walk I provided the students with a list of things they needed to find and place in a bag. Some of the things the students found were leaves, pine cones, coloured rocks and twigs. They really enjoyed walking through the trees and seeing how the leaves have changed colour as well as trees that had been chopped down by beavers. Many of the students’ favourite part was walking across the bridge and seeing the birds fly in a V.  Once we got back to the school we talked about what we saw and enjoyed. One of the students’ pants were covered in burs, he could hardly wait to show is Mom! Today I printed off some pictures from the trip and brainstormed ideas with them of what they could write about in their journals. I gave them three sentence starters: I saw, I liked and I collected. This was a great way to assess whether or not students were able to recall what they had done on Friday. I was also able to assess their ability to write a complete sentence with proper punctuation and spelling.

Today I taught a dance/music lesson as well as a science lesson. In the dance/music lesson I had the students create groups of three to form a triangle. The person at the point of the triangle was the leader. I played music and whatever the leader did, the other two people had to follow. I would then pause the music and a new leader would begin to dance. The students seemed to really like this and I noticed that they were using some of the dance moves that I had taught them in previous lessons. I then had the students sit down and I taught them a rhythm by tapping their chest, snapping and clapping. Some of the students seemed to catch onto this while others were still a bit confused. I decided to end the lesson by making rain so I divided the students into small groups. Each group had a specific task in order to make the rain sounds. They really enjoyed this and I shut the lights off so that they could concentrate on the sound. It was a great way to end the lesson.

In science today we played the wipe out game.  I began the lesson by reviewing the months of the year. There were a few students who were not on task during this so I made sure to ask them what month came next in order to refocus them. I then gave the students the game board and reviewed the number of month there are. I had the students number off the months of the year and then demonstrated how to play the game with two dice. I had two students demonstrate what they are to do in order to ensure they understood. I then paired off the students and had them play the game. This was a great way to incorporate math into science as they had to count how many dots were on the dice. Most of the students did not have time to finish their game so I would like to do this again some day.