Teachers must be filled with passion and a desire to make a difference. I believe it is important to go into the classroom with the belief that as a teacher you can make a difference in someone’s life. As all students have different learning styles, balancing their needs with professionalism and interaction is essential. A successful teacher must be honest with the students as well as maintain their moral beliefs. A teacher who is involved in various extra curricular activities portrays balance and commitment. Although a teacher should not be considered a friend, being approachable, supportive and empathetic are very admirable traits which gain a students trust and respect. Learning should be a continuous life long journey which an effective teacher can make an enjoyable adventure.
I believe it is essential for a successful teacher to conduct their classroom in an inclusive manner by welcoming diversity and providing flexible lesson plans where children have an input on what is being taught as well as how it is being taught. Today classrooms are being filled with more and more different types of people who come from different backgrounds and it is up to the teacher to develop an environment that benefits everyone. It is important to relate to the child’s lives as this will allow each student to become completely engaged in the various subjects.
Within my classroom I want to provide various opportunities to incorporate technology into my classroom as it is becoming an increasingly prominent component in our daily lives. I believe it is beneficial to take pictures and video tape the students throughout the school year and continue this on a yearly basis in order to document the student’s progress. Creating a class blog could also engage all of the students and parents. Students are able to display their work and parents can then see what their child is doing within the classroom. Technology needs to be accepted rather then rejected but must also be used in a safe manner.
I believe that parent involvement within the classroom is crucial. As an effective teacher I feel it is important to send home notes throughout the week to inform parents of what their child is doing. I also believe it is important to ensure that the parents know that the door is always open and that as a teacher I am willing to listen to any concerns.
If I cannot meet a child’s needs within the classroom, then I will seek out the resources and professionals available to me to insure that every child receives the education they deserve. I aim to be an inclusive teacher who cares about my students and their learning; taking all necessary steps to ensure student success. Education is the key to the world and I want to be the one standing at the door with the students, helping them turn the key.