Due to the fact that not all students learn the same I believe it is my job to adapt my lessons to meet the needs of my students. When necessary I will allow my students to work together in pairs when working on an activity as long as the students stay on task. After being in the class in the fall I now know which students work well together and which students do not. In order to maximize activity time I will ensure that I assign who works together for most of the activities so that all of the students are on task and are engaged in their learning. In order to help the students stay organized I will create a schedule for the vermicompost so that students know whose turn it is to feed the worms and how often. When creating recycled projects I will provide the students with an example so that they have an idea of what it might look like when they are done. I will also provide suggestions for the students when they are unable to come up with ideas.

A lot of the assessment I will be doing will be observation based and anecdotal records. While the students are working I will observe the process they go through and the way in which they interact with others. Another tool I would like to use within my lessons is checklists. Through these checklists I will be able to keep track of whether or not students are listening, following instructions and participating within the lesson. I would also like to incorporate a community circle at the end of the unit to see what the students learned throughout the unit and what they are still wondering about.