Here is a list of the lessons I implemented throughout my three week block:

Lesson 1-Students will be introduced to the unit on environment by creating a K-W-L chart and watching a video on brain pop.
Lesson 2-Students will be introduced to the vermicompost which includes a video and a hands on experience.
Lesson 3-Students will learn more about the vermicompost and be able to feed the worms.
Lesson 4-Students will be creating a recycling tree and learning about different ways they can use the three R’s
Lesson 5-Students will be practicing their juggling skills with plastic bags.
Lesson 6-Students will be practicing their measurement skills using non-standard units
Lesson 7-Students will be creating bird feeders our of toilet paper rolls and plates.
Lesson 8-During my half day students will be learning about pollution, finishing their bird feeders, exploring clay, and playing a game to learn about deer and their habitat.
Lesson 9-Students will be able to create contraptions made out of recycled materials.
Lesson 10– Students will be creating a story to go along with their contraptions.
Lesson 11-Students will be comparing what our city would look like if it became a garbage city as well as a recycle city.
Lesson 12-Students will be playing a game where they experience what pollution can do.
Lesson 13-Students will be creating string art which will symbolize how we are all connected within the community and world.
Lesson 14-Students will be documenting their experience throughout the three week block.