What is my role in taking care of my community and environment?

Unit Questions

  1. How do we take care of our place?
  2. How are we connected?
  3. What will happen if we do not take care of our place?

The Big Ideas of Early Childhood Education
This unit has been modeled around the Early Childhood Education’s “Big Ideas”. These statements are very powerful, and reflect my beliefs about teaching. For this reason they became the starting point in the development of my unit. They are the following:

  • Children are capable
  • Children construct knowledge from their experiences, in a social environment and through processes, which are developmental, integrative and interactive
  • Classrooms should reflect authentic, respectful human relationships and opportunities for active learning, negotiation of viewpoints, and the development of a sense of community.
  • Learning environments for young children should extend from prepared classroom environments to the natural and social contexts within the children’s community/ecological region
  • Prepared classroom environments should offer children opportunities for full balanced development of all human abilities.
  • Societies construct educational and child care practices that reflect the dominant values, attitudes and beliefs of their particular time and place.
  • The adult is responsible for creating a learning environment that reflects the principles and attitudes of anti-bias curriculum.
  • Teachers’ practices are a reflection of their beliefs and values.